Airbnb announced a program to issue up to $250 million USD to help homes hosts impacted by COVID-19-related cancellations.


For eligible accommodations reservations, Airbnb will pay hosts 25% of what they would have received for a normal cancellation. Official Airbnb page.

If a guest-initiated cancellation meets the criteria, Airbnb will pay the host 25% of what they would have gotten if the guest were to cancel under the normal host cancellation policy. This means that a host that would have expected a "50%" penalty fee will now receive a 12.5% penalty fee. Hosts who already had more flexible policies that allowed guests to cancel fully free will not be compensated if the guest canceled under extenuating circumstances policy.

Mutually canceled reservation and Pay Less Upfront reservations will qualify for this program if they meet all other criteria.

When & Who

  • 19-30 April 2020: Support payments for eligible reservations canceled before 8 April
  • Mid-May (TBD) 2020: Support payments for next batch of reservations, canceled after 8 April


How much will my support payment be?

Airbnb is currently calculating and processing support payments for all of the qualifying reservations canceled before 8 April. You’ll receive an email from Airbnb within the next seven days outlining your total payment and all of your qualifying reservations.

When will my support payment arrive?

Support payments are processed in monthly batches, but they are not all distributed immediately. They are staggered each day to ensure adequate network and support bandwidth. You will receive an email from Airbnb once your support payment has been issued.

Where do I see the list of support payments I should receive?

You will receive an email from Airbnb with an attached .csv file, which you can download and open in Excel or Google Sheets to see all of the details.

Where will my support payment be sent?

This will go to the default payout method on your account. Unfortunately, it cannot be retroactively sent somewhere else. Please also note that routing rules for individual listings cannot be followed, since support payments are issued in one lump sum rather than a per-reservation basis.

Where can I expect future support payments?

Airbnb will process a new batch of support payments each month until the program is completed in June.

How did Airbnb decide how much money to send me?

For all of the eligible reservations on the list that was emailed to you, you received 25% of what you would have received under the normal terms of your cancellation policy. You can read more about this program.

Why didn't I receive a support payment?

There are a number of possible reasons:

  • If your guests qualified for a full refund under your standard cancellation policy, those reservations would not be eligible for a support payment
  • If the reservation was canceled at your request rather than your guest’s
  • If you had a negative balance on your account due to a previous adjustment, the support payment would be applied toward that amount
  • If the reservation was booked after March 14
  • If the reservation had a check-in date after May 31
  • If the reservation was canceled after April 8
  • If the reservation was not canceled

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