Is Airbnbase affiliated with Airbnb?

No, Airbnbase is not associated with or endorsed by Airbnb or any of Airbnb's competitors.

We are an independent collaboration user network helping each other to improve performance and the user experience.

What is Airbnbase?

Airbnbase is the best alternative to Airbnb help center to resolve problems without contacting support, using expert knowledge base and the interactive assistant powered by the community.

How to use Airbnbase?

Here’s what you need to do if you have an Airbnb problem.

Step #1 - Head over to Recent Issues and Latest Solutions check last insights if the problem has already been described and resolved.

Type in your problem into the Hub search (upper-right corner of the screen).

Step #2 - If the problem has not been crowdsoleved yet - send your question to the community.

Step #3 - Become a subscriber, not to miss important insights, tips and bug fixes.

Airbnbase is user centric. We’re focused on the current user needs and actual case studies. You’ll see fewer general articles here.

Basically, they’re from the network of people who often interact with the platform, including professional hosts, expert users, community leaders (admins and top contributors of online forums and groups), partner sector experts (payment systems, legal), and even internal employees.

You’ll only receive Insider list emails when there are some changes, issues, or bugs upvoted as important by elite members to be shared with the community.

Get invited! We may limit new applications soon.

The main functionality (the Insider list, the Hub, and Ask option) is now free. However, elite members and paying subscribers get accelerated alerts and access to exclusive content.

Yes, please Ask your question.

You can ask anything related to Airbnb.

We will respond to your question publicly. It will be posted in the hub and you may receive a notification. Your question may be grouped with other questions on the similar topic.

There’s no time frame for this - we get many questions daily. However, we guarantee each question will be read.

We will never publicly share your private or confidential information - that includes your name, email, listing title, URL, etc. All private information will be removed.

This project was started from a zero content point. We decided not to bring anything from the past, so all the topics we post are based on current user cases. Airbnbase lets you know what matters now and how to deal with it.