Issue: Some guests cannot get a full cash refund under coronavirus (COVID-19) policy

When cancelling on Airbnb, guests whose reservation qualifies for Covid-19 Extenuating circumstances policy can choose:

  • Alteration
  • Refund back to payment method per cancellation policy (under this option guests may see partial or no refund)
  • Airbnb Travel Credit
  • File a Personal Extenuating Circumstance (this option gives a full cash refund)

Instruction how to get a full refund in cash canceling a reservation for a place to stay due to coronavirus (COVID-19)

To get a full money refund to the card guests whose reservation qualifies for Covid-19 Extenuating circumstances policy will need to send a cancellation request under Personal Extenuating Circumstance.

Note: Please use website (PC/Mac/Laptop) for this instruction. Airbnbase community members reported issues with cancellation using Airbnb app on a mobile device.

  1. The guest needs to click "Learn more" at the bottom of the cancellation page if they wish to cancel with a full cash refund.
Click Learn more 

2. Select the reason for COVID-19 cancellation.

3. Upload documentation confirming government-mandated restriction or medically mandated restrictions or transportation disruptions or closures or medical or disease control duties.

The confirmation can be such as a screenshot of the government website or email or a link to an official statement from the authorities or from the carrier or medical institution. Please avoid sending links to media articles or travel agent advises.

4. Input a short note to Airbnb about the cancellation.

5. The guest will see a confirmation page when the process is complete.

6. Soon you will receive an approval by email.

Airbnbase expert comment: Airbnb reviews Personal Extenuating Circumstance fast. Normally within an hour, but may take up to 1-2 days. They approve the  majority of the cancellation requests and guests get a full refund, very small percent of claims is being declined.

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