The Superhost Relief Fund supports Superhosts and hosts of experiences struggling to make ends meet due to the decline in travel caused by COVID-19.


Superhost Relief Fund is a $17 million fund that is designed for Superhosts and experience hosts struggling to make ends meet due to the decline in travel caused by COVID-19. Starting in April, hosts can apply for grants for up to $5,000 that don't need to be paid back. Official landing page


Hosts who are eligible (see below eligibility criteria) will be invited to apply in weekly batches. Airbnb will be inviting the most long-standing Superhosts (based on the number of times they've achieved Superhosts status) who are in most financial need first. Applications are reviewed by a specialized review team to determine the grant amount. Grants are sent to hosts via their usual payout methods. Hosts aren't expected to pay anything back. A pilot to 75 English hosts will start on April 10. The plan is to scale invitations to 3,000+ global hosts per week from 20 April to 15 May.

When & Who

  • 10 April 2020

Wave 1 of host invites rolled out to 75 English speaking hosts

  • 20 April 2020

Wave 1 of host payments

  • 15 May 2020

All selected hosts would have been invited to apply to the program

  • 30 May 2020

All payments processed


Day 1: Host invited to apply - Email sent to their inbox

Day 8: Applications are closed (hosts have 7 days to apply)

Day 9: Hosts receiving the grants are selected and notified

Day 9: Payment is processed

  • Details on payment: If Airbnb approves the application, Airbnb will send the funds within three business days to their usual payout method. Depending on which payout method they use. It could take up to seven business days for the money to appear in their account. All payments will be initiated by May 30, 2020.
  • Hosts who are invited and miss the application window are included in the next batch of hosts.

Homes eligibility criteria

  • A verified identity
  • Superhost as of April 2020 assessment
  • 4+ cumulative quarters as an Airbnb Superhost
  • Core host (no more than 2 listings on the platform)
  • Exception: Hosts with >2 listings under the same address
  • Significant decline in 2020 earnings relative to 2019 earnings
  • Based on % of earnings difference between Q1 2019 and Q1 2020

Experience host eligibility criteria

  • A verified identity
  • Active Experience host
  • 1+ year as an Airbnb Experiences host
  • Significant decline in 2020 earnings relative to 2019 earnings

Note: This fund doesn't include hosts from mainland China since they are provided with a local fund.


How are the applications evaluated?

A specialized team at Airbnb will invite hosts most in need to apply. This same team will evaluate applications on a weekly basis and get in touch with hosts whose applications have been approved.

If my application is approved, what will I receive?

Approved hosts will receive relief grants of up to $5,000 USD based on financial need.

If I receive a grant, do I have to pay it back?

You won't need to repay it and can use it however you need.

When does this application process start?

Airbnb will invite eligible hosts to apply and start sending out relief grants to approved hosts in late April 2020.

What else is Airbnb doing to financially support hosts affected by COVID-19?

Airbnb is setting aside $250 million USD to share in the cost of COVID-19 cancellations. Learn more about this and other COVID-19-related initiatives here: airbnb.com/covid

I am eligible, but did not get an invite. Why is that?

Being eligible doesn’t guarantee an invitation. Airbnb will start with inviting the most long-standing, tenured Superhosts who are in most financial need by looking at the earnings decline from this year to last. You will know by May 31th (end date was extended by Airbnb on May 13) whether you’ve received an invitation or not.

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