Initially the Airbnbase community was created by top performing Airbnb hosts to collaborate – publish tips, detect issues, find solutions, and share news with others to improve performance.

When Airbnb went public with its IPO in 2020 many readers contacted our community with questions how to participate in the IPO and details about the process. The IPO theme was so hot, so we decided to post more on topics related to IPOs. After all, top Airbnb hosts have successful investment expertise that can be scaled. We will share tips based on our personal private investor experience, "how-to" instructions and will be gathering information and updates about all upcoming high-profile IPOs.  

And of course we'll keep on sharing a lot of Airbnb and travel tips, technical posts about the platform issues and how to resolve them.

Note, Airbnbase community is not supported or endorsed by Airbnb or any of Airbnb's competitors. We're just Airbnb hosts helping each other.