Airbnb has started a pilot home amenity review program to review a home’s amenities, and compare that to the details posted on Airbnb. Right now, amenity confirmation request are sent to selected hosts.

Amenity confirmation will be sent with to-dos listed in the host’s Manage Your Space

How it works

The host will see a notification in the Manage Your Space to see what items they’ve been asked to confirm in their listing. They’ll be asked to take a photo for each item in the to-do report and will only be able to submit the report once a photo has been uploaded for all to-dos.

After submitting for review, hosts will see a pop-up telling them they can expect a response from Airbnb in a few weeks.

The to-do items will then show "In review" on the report. Submitted to-do reports will be routed to a team for evaluation.

Once a listing has been evaluated, the host will be notified via email, and will also see a banner in the product experience.


  • This can only be done on their mobile device using the Airbnb app
  • These photos will only be used to confirm an amenity’s presence, and will not be published on Airbnb.

Amenities guests expect

Guests expect some basics when they stay with you so they can freshen up and have a good night’s rest.

  1. Bedding. This includes a bed sheet; a blanket, comforter, or top-sheet; and one sleeping pillow per person with a pillowcase.
  2. Working locks. For a private room, this means providing a working lock on the door to the private entrance. For an entire home, this means providing a working lock on the main entrance.
  3. Bathroom basics. This means providing:
  • Shampoo and/or 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner
  • Body soap
  • Hand soap

Access to full bathroom facilities, including a seated, flushable toilet, a bathtub or shower, a sink, and hot and cold running water


Many guests book listings specifically for the availability of a pool, hot tub, or gym. If a host offer sone of these facilities, be sure to specify if it's available for a guest’s private use, or if it’s shared with others.

Amenity rejection

If any amenity has been rejected, the host will receive a message asking them to reconfirm their amenity with a new photo.


Hosts will receive a notification of their outstanding to-do via email, which includes an ask to remedy the issue and provide a photo through Manage Your Space.

In addition to an email, an action card will also display in Manage Your Space informing that something might be missing.