If you have an Airbnb listing (host or co-host) in the EU, or have an EU country of residence, according to new EU law (“DAC 7”) Airbnb requires to provide your taxpayer information on your listings by completing this form by January 1, 2023.

We've received so many questions regarding this matter and decided to answer questions publicly. This post will be updated regularly.  

Questions from hosts about DAC7

  1. Does DAC7 requirement apply to hosts in the UK?
  2. I have a listing in the EU (e.g France, Spain), but the system is not allowing to add my foreign (e.g. UK) taxpayer details.
  3. Airbnb is requesting tax identification number but as a natural person in the Netherlands one doesn't have such an ID number, only businesses have that. Where should I gather the ID number from?
  4. Where can I find a Tax Identification Number? I'm from Croatia
  5. I live and host in Portugal, but you don't accept my tax number. It's 100% correct.
  6. Does this mean Airbnb will only share information about the year 2023 on January 2024, or will also share information about 2022 as soon as host insert their data on January 2023?
  7. I am the owner of the Airbnb account but the property belongs to my wife and her sister. So they are getting the profits from the listing. Whose tax info I supposed to add?
  8. I provided tax info of the owner of the apartments that I have listed. I am only the host, payments go to the owner Do I need to upload my own tax info?
  9. As a private person in Sweden once I provide my social number, will Airbnb send an information about the payouts to our tax office?

Answers to your Questions about DAC7

Airbnb DAC7 taxpayer information
DAC7 Airbnb taxpayer information 

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