Places to stay on Airbnb with garden or backyard

Just click the button below and you will see all places with a garden or backyard near you.

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Places to stay with garden or backyard
Places to stay with garden or backyard

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  1. For this search use desktop Airbnb website (not the app or mobile browser)
  2. Click the button below (general Airbnb home page will open, the filter is being added automatically). In the "Start your search" field on the top of the page type in your destination (don't click on recent searches). In the results you will only see listings with Garden or backyard amenity.
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💡 Usability tips

  • On the results page avoid touching the map, it may clear the filter. Just scroll the list. If you need to change the location (neighborhood, town) search again from this page.
  • If you need to zoom in – click the button on this page again, and type in a more exact address: neighborhood, postcode or the street address.
Airbnb with garden or backyard
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