Issue: Guests who cancelled by selecting travel credits as a refund option don't see those credits anywhere under their account.

On 30 March, Airbnb announced an expansion of the Extenuating Circumstance policy for COVID-19 (Coronavirus) workflow, including the option for eligible guests to request their refund as a travel credit.

But the tool for displaying these travel credits has not yet been created yet - the work is in progress and should take around 4 weeks (as of 31 March 2020). In the interim, guests receive internal coupons. Once the tool has been finished these coupons will be automatically converted into travel credits by the system.

⚠️ Users are not able to see these coupons or credits on their account, but they will appear on the checkout page (proceed to the final page where you provide your payment method) when the customer attempts to book a new reservation

COVID-19 cancellation coupon

Additional Details

  • These travel credits can only be issued by the system when the guest requests it as part of the cancellation flow
  • Selecting the option for a travel credit (instead of a refund) cannot be reversed, and Airbnb is not able to reissue the funds as a cash refund
  • The credit must be used (ie. the reservation must be booked and the check-in date must be before) December 30, 2021
  • As this refund is issued by the system as a single use credit, guests can use their remaining funds for another trip if they book a reservation for less than the value of the original credit.

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