I booked my trip in January and my check-in is on May 15, 2020. now I am trying to cancel it with a full travel credit refund. But the button Continue is inactive. I cleared my cookies but I still cannot proceed. Help!

Some users with eligible trips when trying to cancel with a full refund and select Travel credits as a form of refund reported they are not able to submit refund request. Continue button is inactive despite inputting 100 characters note.


Instruction : How to submit cancellation with travel credit refund under Covid-19
Issue: Continue button is inactive canceling under Covid-19 with travel credit refund [/i-am-unable-to-cancel-with-credit/] Solution: 1. You need to type in a 200 symbol message to the host to submit. If the button is inactive this means your message has fewer than 200 symbols, please typ…

Status: Solved ✅

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