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How do I get my invoice for company reimbursement?

Answers to your questions about Airbnb invoices for company reimbursement.

How do I get my invoice (NOT the receipt) for company reimbursement?
I am unable to locate VAT invoice for the FULL amount.
How do I get my GST tax invoice for reimbursement?
I need a company invoice for all my trips with a company name on it
I need a full invoice to send to someone to retain back the money. The VAT invoice and receipts are not valid and they won’t accept them.
This will be a business trip for me. How could I receive my invoice? Where can I enter my company details?
How can I get a receipt for my business trip?
I need an invoice to the address of my company, because I am travelling for work
I am trying to get an itemized receipt (i.e. cost of daily + service fees and cleaning) and I cannot find it

How do I get business trip invoice from Airbnb?

You can use this tool to access and add any business details to your Airbnb invoice, including company name, address, tax number etc.

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