On Friday, September 25, 2020 Airbnb launched Nearby Getaways Promotion to support local travel.

How it works

Host from the areas where the promotion is active receive an invitation.

Nearby Getaways Promotion 

Once offer 10% off for nights between October 6 and November 20, 2020 applied Airbnb will:

  1. How we’ll showcase your place
  2. An email to millions of guests announcing local discounts
  3. Search results on a marketing page shown to guests planning trips close to home
  4. Strikethrough styling on search pages and your listings
  5. Eligibility for a spot in emails we send to guests who searched in your area

Issues to join Nearby Getaways Promotion

However, many hosts are not able to apply the offer.

I have an email inviting me to join "nearby getaways promotion" - when I press the "Start Now" button it transfer me to my Airbnb account - but there is no link or selection to actually joining or dates etc. Please tell me where to find this.

What Airbnbase discovered:

• Hosts need to use Airbnb website (not the app) to set the promotion.

• The dates October 6 - November 20 should be available (unblocked) in the calendar.

• There should be no any other discounts including length-of-stay discount to apply the offer.

• At the moment the dates of the promotion cannot be adjusted

• By clicking the button below you can apply or check the Nearby Getaways Promotion

Nearby Getaways Promotion