Airbnb guests have an option to pay for reservations in 2 partial payments - 50% upfront, and 50% at a later date (but before reservation starts). Detailed description of the process (eligibility, country specifics, payment rules).

Sometimes guests ask hosts when the second payment will be charged. Using the timing cards below hosts can identify the remaining balance charge date and know what happens if the guest doesn't pay.

Hosts can also check if the guest paid 50% or 100%.

Pay Less Upfront charge timeline

If charge of remaining balance is successful

  • Airbnb will trigger an updated receipt to guest with breakdown of successful payments.

If charge of remaining balance failed

  • Airbnb will send a manual payment link to guest for new payment information and a push notification with a manual payment link.

If remaining balance payment is not collected by full refund cut-off

  • Airbnb will auto-cancel the reservation and refund or hold the initial payment based on host cancellation policy for listing.