Error codes:

  • Choose another place to stay
  • High party factor message
  • Reservation couldn’t be completed
  • Potential safety risk due to parties
  • Failed Verification

Under Airbnb's new policy, guests under the age of 25 with less than 3 positive reviews may not be able to book entire home listings in their local area. But all guests under the age of 25 are still able to book a private room within a host's primary residence or a hotel from Airbnb.

You can still book an entire house or apartment through this link without any restrictions.

Are you booking on behalf of someone else, like your family?

The algorithm does pick that up from pre-booking message as a potential 3rd party booking, and potential party threat.

If you're unable to complete booking on Airbnb and traveling with someone in your party who is over 25 years old, they can make the reservation and add you as a guest traveler. They can also use your card, Airbnb does not require payment method to belong to account holder.

In accordance to our readers feedback Airbnb rare blocks Airbnb for work reservations.

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