Sometimes Airbnb app users complain they have a red or green dot unread message notification despite having no new/unread messages in both host and guest inboxes.

How to delete unread message notification from Airbnb inbox

  1. First, try to uninstall the app > restart your phone or tablet > install Airbnb app. Sometimes notifications just stuck in the cache of the application, and go away after reset.
  2. If this doesn't help - you will need to open your Dashboard from the full desktop website (not the app) and remove all the system notifications, as Dashboard notifications may reflect in the Inbox as well.
  3. Head over to or (if you use a regional Airbnb website like Airbnb.CO.UK you need to correct your domain extension an .CO.UK instead of .COM in the url)
  4. Remove all the notifications you see by clicking X next to the notification as seen on the screen below
  5. Reinstall the app again.
Airbnb dashboard notifications

Voilà! 😊

Clean Airbnb app without notifications