*** Due to disruptions caused by the coronavirus, this program is temporarily on hold. For now all listings visited by an Airbnb representative and verified can be seen in this section.

Following the intention to verify every single home after shooting at a rental and Vice report scandal and to improve trust in its marketplace and the accuracy of listings on the platform Airbnb has launched two programs related to this: An outbound call campaign about listing details/amenities, and a live video inspection of hosts' listings to ensure they are as described.

Airbnb Verified is a program that is planned to be launched by the end of 2020. Early invitations are being sent to a select group of hosts with listings that are closest to meeting the program standard for accuracy and amenities.

Once Airbnb launches the program later this year, listings that meet the standard will get the Airbnb Verified badge, which helps build trust with guests and help you stand out. Listings will receive the badge once Airbnb confirms that they meet requirements and the program officially launches.

Airbnb Verified listings

Outbound call:

The outbound call pilot starts with an inbox message and is followed by an outbound phone call. Both the inbox message and outbound call focus on helping hosts complete the actions listed on their listing dashboard. The tasks are personalized to each listing, based on the information Airbnb has about a listing, and span a variety of topics.

Video inspection:

The video inspection pilot encourages eligible hosts to set up an appointment to complete a video inspection of their listing via Zoom. Eligible hosts will receive an email invitation with a custom link to book their video inspection. Our video inspection uses video conferencing technology to connect hosts with our Airbnb team members, so they can review a listing’s location and amenities, and compare that to the details posted on Airbnb.


Outbound call campaign

What is this call about?
Airbnb has been putting a lot of thought into how hosts can prepare for recovery once travel begins to rebound. Personalized recommendations have been made available to hosts in dashboard. Airbnb is calling hosts to help walk through those recommendations, and answer any questions they might have.

Do I have to buy anything?
No! It’s a free call from Airbnb to check in on our hosts.

Do I have to make the recommended changes?
No, you don’t, but the changes are personalized to your listing based on our own guest research and information. Airbnb anticipates they could make your listing more attractive, but it’s ultimately up to you.

When will I get a Verified badge?
Listings will receive a badge once the program formally launches later this year, toward the end of 2020.

Video inspection

What are the benefits of this program? What’s in it for me? Will I get a badge?
At a high level, all guests need accurate and reliable stays. Additionally, our host community has needs for clearer hosting standards, and recognition for meeting them. This program aims to address both of those points.

The virtual home walkthrough compliments positive guest reviews, with an objective process that confirms your listing is as-advertised and has all the essentials guests need to freshen up. Airbnb anticipates guests will find homes that have undergone a virtual walkthrough to be attractive, especially once people start traveling again, as folks will be keen to understand the cleanliness and amenities available in a particular space.

It’s likely that listings with a virtual walkthrough will have a badge, or some other visual designation on Airbnb, once the program officially launches later this year. Airbnb is still working through all the details, so keep an eye on your inbox. Airbnb will share more information as they will have it.

Do I have to do this?
No, this is opt-in at this time.

How do I schedule?
You should see a scheduling link in the invite that was sent to you. It will link you to a site called Calendly, where you can book an appointment with our team for free.

What is Calendly?
Calendly is a free scheduling tool that Airbnb is using to empower hosts to book a video walkthrough at a time that works best for them.The tool is free to use, and you do not need to create an account to book an appointment with us.

What is Zoom and how do I use it?
Zoom is a free video conferencing tool. You’ll need to download the app from the app store, or Google play store to use it on your mobile device.You do not need to create an account to join the Zoom call with our team. Simply click the link in your calendar invite at the time of the call and the app will do the rest.

I need to reschedule my appointment, what should I do?
Airbnb cannot reschedule on your behalf, but the calendar invite that was sent to you has a personalized link for rebooking that will link you back to Calendly.com to find a new time. Search for the email with keyword Calendly.

What are you doing with the video?
Airbnb is recording the video for research, training, quality assurance, and other internal purposes. It will not be published to your listing on Airbnb, nor will it be published anywhere else. It will only be used by our team to learn how to improve our processes.At this stage it’s critical for us to learn from the video recordings, so Airbnb is only able to conduct walkthroughs for hosts who are ok with being recorded at this time. Thanks for understanding!

What happens next?
Our team is continuing to refine the virtual home inspection process based on your feedback. Later this year Airbnb will reconnect with you to either:

  1. Confirm your acceptance into the program
  2. Let you know if there are any additional actions needed

Keep an eye on both your email and Airbnb message inbox for more details!

When will I get a Verified badge?
Listings will receive a badge once the program formally launches later this year, toward the end of 2020.