Today July 28, 2020 hosts reported to Airbnbase that Airbnb admin settings are currently having errors. When hosts try to assess any settings (pricing, availability etc) the website reloads and redirects to the general search page. Airbnb confirmed the issue, the technical team is already working on a fix.

For some users listings are still editable via Airbnb app

I need your help in order to change the price of my house and the availability of it on the calendar.
When i go on "calendar" and click either on "Availability settings" or "Pricing settings" - I end up on the search page of Air Bnb and a little bar on top of the page tells me : "You do not have access to this".
Can you please tell me how to change price and availability please. I need to change the price of my house for rent and availability.

Fixed ✅