On May 11, Airbnb introduced the Airbnb 2022 Summer Release with a new way to search designed around Airbnb Categories. Now potential guests are able to search for everything from bed & breakfasts and tiny homes to camping, national parks, and countryside properties, organized into these categories.

Full list of Airbnb categories

Available Airbnb Categories

  • Lakefront
  • National parks
  • Chalets
  • Islands
  • Beach
  • Tiny homes
  • OMG!
  • Camping
  • A-frames
  • Design
  • Arctic
  • Amazing pools
  • Treehouses
  • Surfing
  • Bed & breakfasts
  • Caves
  • Tropical
  • Countryside
  • Earth homes
  • Shared homes
  • Luxe
  • Farms
  • Amazing views
  • Castles
  • Skiing
  • Historical homes
  • Mansions
  • Golfing
  • Cycladic homes
  • Barns
  • Iconic cities
  • Chef's kitchens
  • Domes
  • Campers
  • Shepherd's huts
  • Boats
  • Vineyards
  • Casas particulares
  • Windmills
  • Kezhans
  • Houseboats
  • Minsus
  • Beachfront
  • Ryokans
  • Ski-in/out
  • Towers
  • Yurts
  • Desert
  • Off-the-grid
  • Containers
  • Grand pianos
  • Creative spaces
  • Trulli
  • Riads
  • Dammusos
  • Lake

Here are some answers to some Airbnb Categories FAQs

  1. How does Airbnb decide which categories to highlight?
  2. How are listings selected for Airbnb Categories?
  3. Within each category, what factors determine the order in which listings appear?
  4. How do I ensure my listing shows up in a category?
  5. Can Hosts categorize their own listing?
  6. How often are categories updated?
  7. I believe my home should be included in a category, but it hasn’t yet been added. What can I do?
  8. Can I see which categories my listing appears in for guests?
  9. Can I accept or reject which category my listing shows up in?
  10. Inclusion in a category may raise guest expectations. What if we see a decline in reviews due to increased guest expectations?


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