If your guest needs to checkout part way through the ongoing Airbnb stay (especially long-term) and they do not qualify for a refund but you would like to issue a partial refund and unblock the dates please follow this instruction :

⚠️ Note: Once the stay has started you need to use desktop Airbnb.com website for alteration. Airbnb mobile app will not allow you to change dates.

  1. Go to Your Reservations
  2. Click 3 dots (...) icon next to the reservation
  3. Click Change or Cancel
  4. Choose Change Reservation
  5. On your right have a look on Original payout amount and write it down.
  6. Do some math. From the Original payout amount deduct the Refund amount you want to refund to your guest and write down the Result. For example, if your Original payout is $1000 and you want to refund $100, $1000-$100 = $900 to input on the step 8.
  7. Input new checkout date
  8. In the Price field input the Refund you calculated on the step 6.
  9. Click Submit Alteration

When the guest accepts your request, the reservation will be updated, and the guest will be refunded and the dates will get unblocked.