Airbnb does not share with hosts information if a guest used the Pay Less Upfront payment plan to pay for the booking. But hosts still can check it. You will need to check if the Resolution center is active, the system activates it only when the trip is paid in full (exception: long-term reservations).

Instruction how to check if the guest paid 50% or 100%?

  1. Go to the Resolution Center
  2. Choose the relevant reservation
  3. Select Request money > Next > Extra services > Next
  4. On the next page if you see Validation failed: This reservation is not fully paid error this means the guest has paid 50% so far.
  5. If you see a form to request money – the reservation is fully 100% paid
Validation failed: This reservation is not fully paid

Side note: During Covid-19 pandemic breakout payment plans are no longer available for new reservations, except guests booking in Brazil.

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