After the announcement on October 7, 2020 in this video  Airbnb is sending out communications to hosts who do not meet their quality criteria and will give them a few weeks to improve before removing the listing. Hosts might write in asking why their listing is paused or suspended.

Existing reservations will not be impacted by the suspension of the listing but might be canceled if the host fails to provide high-quality guest experiences or otherwise violates Airbnb’s Terms of Services.

Airbnb suspended these listings for failing to meet the basic requirements, overall rating, response rate, accepted reservations, or cancellations. These listings will not show up in search results and will not receive new bookings during the suspension period.

After the suspension period ends, hosts may be eligible to reactivate their accounts to get new bookings. The host can reactivate their account by logging into their account and following the steps provided. If performance continues to be below requirements, Airbnb can suspend the listing again. If the account is not eligible for reactivation, it will be removed and inaccessible on Airbnb.

How to appeal Airbnb listing suspension?

Hosts can appeal listing suspensions that are over 30 days here: If the suspension is under 30 days in length, the form is not accessible to the user.