What is Airbnb Scam Checker?

Airbnb Scam Checker is a nice little tool that helps you find out whether an Airbnb listing is a genuine Airbnb link or is a fake website, within minutes. People create fraudulent websites designed to look like Airbnb to steal money and personal information. Check before you book!

Just enter the listing web address and hit the check button. It tells you whether the listing is real or fake.

How do we verify Airbnb listings?

  • First, we check for the listing link details. Scammers may create websites that look just like Airbnb, but we extract technical details (domain records) and check if the website you shared with us really belongs to Airbnb Inc.
  • Then we make sure the listing has no previous records of fraud, scams, and abuse in our database.
  • In the final step, if the listing is valid - we will manually check it for any possible red flags. Our experts will manually review the listing, taking into account information provided by your host. You will get a separate note pointing on things that are suspicious (if any).

Use this tool now to check the listing and book your stay safe!


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