Awaiting payment status means the host accepted a booking request but guest's payment didn’t go through and the guest needs to update their payment details. The system has already notified the guest to successfully update their payment information for the reservation to be accepted. Otherwise, the reservation will be cancelled and the dates will be released.

Often guests have a separate card with no balance for online purchases or just an outdated card. But after notification, they normally resubmit a valid payment method within 1-2 hours.

How guests can resolve Awaiting payment

  1. From a desktop. Check your dashboard, there should be a notification to resubmit the payment.
  2. Check your receipt. You will see an option to resubmit payment there.
  3. From the app. Go to the conversation with your host in your Inbox > Details (in the upper right corner)
  4. Also you can also check your email address linked to your Airbnb account, there should be an email with "Resubmit Payment" button.