On May 2022 Airbnb rolled out a Summer Release 2023, which brought about some changes to their search filters. One of the notable updates is the replacement of the "Entire Place" filter is no longer available. In this  post, we will address this issue and provide a step-by-step solution to help you effectively filter for entire listings on Airbnb.

Understanding the Issue: After the new Summer Release on Airbnb, users have reported that the familiar "Entire Place" filter appears to be missing. Instead, the options now include "Homes," "Rooms," and "All Types." This change has left many users unsure of how to filter their searches specifically for entire listings.

How to filter Entire Place listings on Airbnb 2023

Thankfully, the "Entire Place" filter hasn't disappeared entirely; it has been renamed as "Homes." To successfully filter for an entire listing rather than a shared space, follow the simple steps outlined below:

Step 1: Start Your Search: Begin by entering the desired location, travel dates, and the number of guests into the Airbnb search bar. Hit the search button to proceed.

Step 2: Access the Filters: On the search results page, you will find a set of filters on the right-hand side. Locate and click on the "FILTER" option to refine your search results further.

Step 3: Select the Property Type: Within the filters, you will come across the "Type of Place" section. Here, you will find three options:

  1. All Types
  2. Rooms
  3. Homes

Step 4: Choose "Homes": To filter specifically for entire listings, select the "Homes" option. This will ensure that the search results display only properties where you will have the entire home to yourself.

Step 5: Refine Further (Optional): If you have specific preferences regarding the type of home, such as wanting a house rather than an apartment, you can continue scrolling down in the filters. Look for the "Property Type" section, where you can make additional selections to further narrow down your search.

Conclusion: "Entire place" has been renamed to "Homes."

The recent Summer Release on Airbnb brought about a change in the filter names, which caused confusion among users searching for entire listings. However, with this guide, you can now navigate the updated filter system with ease. By selecting "Homes" under the "Type of Place" section, you can filter specifically for entire properties, ensuring you have the privacy and space you desire during your Airbnb stay. Remember, you can also explore extended filters, such as specifying the property type or amenity, to tailor your search results even more precisely. Happy booking!

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