After the Summer Release of 2023, some Airbnb users have expressed their frustration with the search functionality on the platform, particularly when it comes to narrowing down the results and not being able to find the "Entire place" filter.

As we wrote earlier Airbnb occasionally runs experiments to improve their platform's functionality and user experience. As part of these experiments, they may rename certain filter names for specific test groups of users. Therefore, it's possible that the filter name mentioned in the blog post, such as "Entire place," may vary for some individuals based on their participation in these experiments.

To simplify the search process and help you find entire listing places more efficiently, we have developed a convenient solution. By clicking on the link provided below, you will be redirected to Airbnb's search page with the "Entire place" filter automatically selected. This means that the search results will exclusively display entire listing places tailored to your desired location and dates.

Show Entire Place Listings