šŸ“Œ CrowdStrike (CRWD)
Revenue rose from $264.9 million to $431 million.
The loss was $42 million (18 cents per share), up from $19 million (9 cents per share) a year earlier.
CRWD expects revenue of $459 million to $465 million. Consensus forecast is $440 million.
The stock is +12.67% on pre-market.

šŸ“Œ Asana (ASAN)
Revenue rose to $111.9 million from $68.4 million.
Loss was $90 million (48 cents per share)
For the current quarter, Asana is projecting a loss of 35-36 cents per share, against experts' forecast of 27 cents.
Shares -23.36% on premarket

How to Buy CrowdStrike and Asana Stocks?

You can buy CrowdStrike and Asana stocks via Freedom24 platform. Or if you're from the US use a trading app like eToro.