We've been getting many questions from hosts that receive bookings with unexpectedly huge monthly or weekly discount they didn't set. Also they see no way to remove abnormal monthly discounts.

A guest made a booking and instead of getting the usual 10% monthly discount, he got a 90% discount. In my settings still say 10%. Do you know what's going on? Is this a glitch?
I am not able to remove huge monthly discount showing to my guests. Help!
It's a bug in the system, my monthly price show a discount but I haven't put in a monthly discount

Here are some questions and answers about unusual monthly discount.

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Is this a glitch that Airbnb shows huge discount to my guests?


How did the discount get to my settings? I didn't set it.

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I don't see the large monthly discount in my settings. Where can I find it?

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How to remove the large monthly discount?

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Guest already booked. Can I cancel without penalties?

Yes, you can.

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