The currency you’re paid in is automatically set by Airbnb based on the country you selected when you add your payout method.

If you select United Kingdom as your billing country
You can only get paid in GBP by bank transfer

In most cases the payout currency is the national currency of the country you choose. GBP for the United Kingdom, EUR for all Eurozone countries, AUD for Australia, NZD for New Zealand etc.

Airbnb does not allow hosts to change a payout method’s currency for each region. The currency is predefined by the system when you select the Billing country.\

But what to do if you live in one country, but want to get paid in another currency? For example, you live in the UK but have a property in Australia and you want to get paid in AUD for this property to pay for utility bills, cleaning etc locally in AUD without international wire transfers and currency conversion.

Airbnb only allows to use local bank details for each billing country. Which mean you won't be able to add your UK bank account as a Bank Transfer payout method in Australia. So, you will need to obtain local bank details as instructed below.

Instruction how to change Airbnb payout currency

  1. Get local bank details for the country of your desired payout currency.
  2. Change the Billing country.
  3. Add a new payout method in another currency.
Change Billing country
New AUD payout currency